Pokyman - Pokymuffin (prod. Lukie FWD)

Rub’a’dub attack! Pokyman with a brand new reggae anthem produced by Lukie Fwd released by Reggae Callin’ Records and recorded inna brand new Wellders Studio.


Pokyman - Pokymuffin

Pokymuffin ah mi style
Rub’a’dub ah mi pattern
Pon di case long time
Man ah junior veteran
Raggamuffin ah mi style
Rub’a’dub ah mi pattern
Pon di bass long time
Babylon you betta run

I expect proper salute when you greet me son
Because ovayaso man ah di top toppa don
Gimme di mic soundbwoy dis ah youh funeral
You see me, that’s the reason why dem call me general!
Badda than dem, madda than dem, sicka than dem to bomboclaat
Gimme di rizzla, gimme di weed me ago roll it well fat.
Badda than dis, badda than dat, watch out weh you ago chat
When we sit deh pon top of di riddim
Your body ago drop flat


Ruffer than ruff
When it hits you like bullet from glock
Bassline ah rock
Mek me ridin di riddim like track
Rub’a’dub attack
Nevago down haffi tek it up to di top
Who run di block?
Ah reggae music to rasclaat
Wadada deng wadadadada deng deng
Pokymuffin pon control so pull it up again
Wadada deng wadadadada deng deng
General deyah so pass di tu sheng peng


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Pokymuffin (prod. Lukie FWD)

Release Date : 9. júla 2018
Artist : Pokyman
Format : Digital Download
Format : Digital Download